$22 469

The Warrior S4 is a large Soft Floor camper trailer packed with features that will have you and the kids wanting to camp every weekend! – Designed for Cape York & off-road adventure, the Warrior is right at home on the dirt, even on some of Australia’s toughest terrains. Incorporating durable, dual independent suspension, with heavy duty coil springs, off-road tires, ground clearance better than some 4WD’s, and galvanized, hammertone finished chassis – the Warrior S4 is built tough.  

With a queen sized bed accessed through a step through section (no more ladders!), and extra large open tent area with enough room for 2 Adults and 4 kids easy, this camper will just blow you away with it’s size. (Not enough room? Ask about our optional kids room!) One common myth with soft floor campers is that they are much harder to set up than their hard floor counterparts. Well, we think that’s just wrong. The tent opens on gas struts, and can easily be opened by one person. Then with the addition of just 6 tent poles, your main tent area is open and setup, taking just a few minutes.  

In addition, included as standard is a fully enclosed annex, that includes walls, floor, and draft skit. Both tents on the Warrior S4 are a 16oz close weave canvas (thicker than a lot of the competition) and include ample windows ensuring you can take advantage of the breeze, and internal zip-up screens making it easy to close up for the night without leaving the camper.

The tailgate kitchen with a extra large serving area and Extra Large Pantry Drawer means you don’t have to miss a moment of fresh air and gives you plenty of space to cook for all the family. The refrigerator (optional extra) is stowed right next to the kitchen and slides out for easy access. 

However, perhaps the best feature of this camper trailer is the amount of accessible, compartmentalised storage. Storage boxes around the side, fridge slide, and tool box, pole storage, and you have the full length of the camper as storage underneath the mattress. All accessible even when the camper is closed. Perfect for packing during the week!