$13 469

Want to go camping, but can’t or don’t want to tow a large, heavy camper trailer?

Well, the Chase S3 Rear Fold Camper Trailer is for you! At only 900kg this lightweight, heavy duty camper can be towed even by a lightweight SUV’s. Designed for couples, or those with one or two small children, the Chase is perfect for quick getaways with it’s simple, quick setup & abundance of features. 

Arrive at your destination and be setup in just a few minutes. First you simply unclip 4 latches, connect the floor to your included winch and start winding it down – with the addition of just 6 tent poles you are ready to go with your queen bed already made! 

In addition, included as standard is a fully enclosed annex, that includes walls, floor, and draft skit. Both tents on the Chase S3 are a 16oz close weave canvas (thicker than a lot of the competition) and include ample windows ensuring you can take advantage of the breeze, and internal zip-up screens making it easy to close up for the night without leaving the camper.

The slide-out kitchen with a serving area means you don’t have to miss a moment of fresh air and gives you plenty of space to cook for all the family. The refrigerator (optional extra) is stowed in the front storage box that slides out for easy access.